CGH Launches First Web-based Airspace Design Tool

For immediate release: October 25, 2015


The Federal Aviation Administration’s Sector Design Analysis Tool (SDAT), which is developed and maintained by CGH Technologies, Inc., met several significant milestones this month. SDAT 6.0, the first web-based air space design tool, was successfully pushed to production for use by 188 Air Traffic facilities and organizations within the FAA, as well as seven Army Air Traffic facilities. CGH also provided training on the new tools for 188 facilities and 223 system users.

“We are proud that the new SDAT includes features such as ERAM compatibility, integration of USGS terrain data, and an automated end-to-end project workflow process – including automated MIA/MVA chart technical validation,” said CGH President Cindy Troutman. “The new SDAT system reduces the time required for airspace project creation and processing by 75% by implementing both 2D and 3D design and view capabilities into a web browser.”

Other upgrades to the SDAT functionality include:

  • Integrated the FAA LDAP service for user authentication and system access
  • Integrated the visualization of VFR terminal area charts, IFR high altitude and IFR low altitude charts, and sectional charts
  • Integrated base map layers including Topographic with roads, Satellite, and Satellite with roads
  • Integrated the digital Obstacle data and OE/AAA interfaces
  • Integrated the As-Adapted data from the FAA Aeronautical Data Exchange (ADX)
  • Achieved 99.99% system availability

For more information, contact Audrey Hinton at or 202-580-7427.