FAA Launches Global Digital NOTAMs

For Immediate Release: October 23, 2012

Contact: Audrey Hinton at ahinton@cghtech.com or (202) 580-7427

Today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with the assistance of CGH Technologies, Inc. (CGH), successfully launched the first global digital NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) system to all airports and airplanes in the United States. Since being awarded the contract by the FAA in September 2010, CGH is the lead company in designing, developing and implementing the NOTAM System, also known as the Federal NOTAM System (FNS).

NOTAMs are messages between airplane pilots, air traffic controllers, the FAA, and other aviation-related stakeholders that promote safe and efficient flight.  For example, NOTAMs are issued when emergencies force airport runways to close, or when special events such as presidential campaign visits disrupt normal flight schedules.

In the past, NOTAMs were issued using telegrams, telephones, and other non-digital technologies.  With this latest NOTAM advance, all NOTAMs will be submitted over web-based technologies in seconds, which will result in safer and more secure air travel.

“We are proud of Vinod Vallikat and our CGH technology team, which created this complex system in record time,” said CGH COO Glyn Owen.  “We also are grateful to Glenn Sigley, Barry Davis and the FAA team for their support through this development process.”

CGH has created several technologies and web portals for the FAA that receive over a million hits per month.  In early 2013, CGH will move digital NOTAMs to the next level by deploying them on the cloud for the Irish Aviation Authority.  As the first U.S. company creating aviation-related technologies in the European Union (EU), CGH will be linking the U.S. and European aviation communities with consistency in architecture, automation, and functionality.  This, in turn, should lead to even greater safety and efficiency for airlines, air travelers, and the entire aviation industry.

CGH is a 100% women-owned small business offering service and tools to U.S. agencies and internationally.  For more information on CGH, please visit www.cghtech.com.